Everyone knows you need to define a content creation strategy. But these components are often

1.- A standard (and replicable) procedure to ensure success.

2.- A way to monitor the proper implementation of the strategy in the content generation process.

The Strategy Module is the first building block for all future content.

First things first: a successful content strategy requires a clear target audience. And the Buyer Persona tool is the perfect fit.

Create profiles of potential customers by name, photo, age, family, job, interests, and other information.

Create Buyer Personas quickly and visually with an intelligent photo and name generator.

You know who your Buyer Persona is. But what is their thought process and how do they relate with the brand from top to bottom of the funnel?

Define Customer Journeys by linking each Buyer Persona to the stages of their journey in each brand or business line.

Platform mapping is the final strategic step. Identify the most suitable platforms and type of content for each Buyer Persona and their stage of the journey.

Appointed users can map channels and stage journeys within an automatically generated platform matrix. Content creators can then follow the map to create specific content for the brand.  

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Manage all your content generation process from a single platform.

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