Google Analytics and similar tools may help you to assess content campaigns. Unfortunately, they often lack a content-centric focus on the KPIs that are most relevant to you.

The Dashboard allows users to check out all their activity in a single page.

It keeps track of all the pending tasks to develop briefings and create content, and also provides a summary of all the key metrics of the content campaigns for each brand.   

The number of campaigns, actions, and content, all meet-up in the activity report.

View the total progress, of campaign and actions, through a graphic interface.

Brand managers can also identify bottlenecks and obtain an accurate picture of project progress at a content level. 

The performance report groups the KPIs by content. You can filter these down to – Campaigns, Lines of Business, Channels, Content and others.

And what´s even better, beyond the KPI summary, the report offers an overview of all the content pertaining to a brand or campaign. In other words, gives you a content hub, to locate previously published content and understand its performance.

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Manage all your content generation process from a single platform.

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