Time to start creating content. Sure, reaching the brand’s goals requires creativity and strategy. But to generate content with consistent quality you need to be in control of every step of the process.

The Production module gives you control over the entire workflow. You can review and approve all content with a role-based approach.

Define all the publishing channels associated with a brand, both online and offline.

Moreover, the software connects online channels with their social network or website. Following that, it identifies the content published and generates reports with the main KPIs at campaign and individual content levels.

Content is the heart of Contegy; where Strategy and Creativity fall into place.

Just like in the Briefing module, the roles and permissions system allows you to decide who can create, review or approve any given content. The workflow guides every user with a set of tasks and e-mail alerts.      

The Content editor provides an overview of each piece of content, by sharing all texts, images and videos in a single briefing, available a glance.

It enables team collaboration by keeping track of everything that’s going on – content and status changes, assignments, and other activity.

Unhappy with the final content? You can rewind and go back to a previous version at any time.

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Manage all your content generation process from a single platform.

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