Creativity is second only to strategy in the content generation process. It is the magic sauce.

Marketers bottle that magic into their briefings so content creators can prepare the corresponding pieces. But, with many briefings and content, magic can soon turn into chaos.

The Creativity module tidies up that process by structuring campaigns into actions, and by creating a workflow to review and approve briefings according to each team’s roles.

Campaigns are the top-level element in the platform.

You can add a range of different actions within a campaign: Briefings, Content, and other elements.

In turn, each campaign is linked to a Brand Line of Business. This is critical, as the channels and content available will depend on the strategy for that Line of Business.

Briefings round up the creative stage, prior to content generation.

You determine which users can create briefings, assigning roles and access.

Get things done with a workflow that generates a task list for each user working on the briefing. E-mail alerts will ensure that the workflow moves ahead, and deadlines are met.

The Briefing Editor allows you to define the content requirement for a specific briefing.

Teams can now collaborate and record all activity, whether changes in briefings, status, or assignments between users.

Of course, if you don’t like what you see, you can rewind and go back to a previous version at any time.

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